New Builds 

New Builds 

Building your own home is the dream for many people. 

The opportunity to have complete control over its design and layout, customizing to your needs and preferences. You can ensure that your home is built to last and is tailored to your specific requirements. 

Incorporate modern energy-efficient technologies 

With the current energy cost rises that we have seen building a new home allows you to incorporate modern energy-efficient technologies and materials right from the start. This can significantly reduce energy consumption and utility costs over time, leading to long-term savings and a smaller environmental footprint. Building your own home gives you the flexibility to select the location and plot of land that suits your needs and desires. You can choose a neighbourhood or area that aligns with your lifestyle, proximity to amenities, schools, work, or natural surroundings. 
As a company we look to hold your hand throughout this journey to build your own home and look to do this as a design and build if possible but are more than happy to take on the project once the designs are complete. 

Building your own home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’d love to be a part of that with you. 

Our focus to manage the three elements of Cost, Quality and Time mean that we can get you to your dream home on budget, to an extremely high standard and in the time frame that we say we will. The biggest obstacle to managing those three elements is change, either those you make or unknowns that don’t become apparent until we start on site. Our key superpower to countering that is communication. 
If we can communicate early on when and why things are changing, then it’s far easier to understand and, in the case of cost, manage your budget accordingly. If it’s left until the end and costs have gone over budget or the project has over run the reasons, although they may be perfectly valid, just look like excuses. This invariably leads to a breakdown in the relationship. 
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